Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, June 9, 2014

only one more letter after this ..

Hey Everyone,
     Well what can I say about this last week? So we brought a family to church and that's always good.It's funny her name is Jennifer jaja and she reminds me a lot of you Jen jaja, they're pretty funny. Also we had a lot of help with a member because she helped us bring them the family to church and she's their friend. She's even helping us teach them so it's great when the ward helps with teaching, in fact it's awesome. Besides that were trying to find new people but we also have some people that can get baptized but there not excited about it but were going to see what happens with them. So I'm pretty sure that Jenny and her family will get baptized.
     Let's see here it's been raining like crazy.We were working with the sisters and it started pouring and all I had that was waterproof were my rain boots so I got soaked completely thru to everything.It was pretty funny there were little rivers and stuff we had to cross but it was pretty fun.
     I'm glad to hear that Grandpa is okay and that he's doing fine because that's something big to go through. Well I know 2 years is a super long time and that my mission is going to end but everyone knows you just have to keep on working before you get to the end.So I've been making burritos like how they make them in their  houses here and wow there so good. Also what I've noticed here is that in Mexico it is a little behind  because they have everything but just they have it all a little back wards like they don't try to progress but they have new phones and stuff like that so that I find that pretty funny.Well went on a tour bus last week and it was pretty fun but I'm 100 % sure that they didn't know english. Well I'm just working with the members here. I think I'm going to be torn to come home because I love this ward and I've been here 6 months. Well my mission is coming to an end but it's ending a little by little. I mean I only have 2 weeks left and its going by quick but slowly at the same time jaja. I'm going to try to bring back all that I can and if not well oh well. It's been cool but all things have to come to an end.
  I love everyone and heres my photos. First is the tour and then we were up on a house and so we took some more photos jaja but they're pretty beautiful because I'm there jaja
Love you guys,
Elder Cooper 

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