Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, June 16, 2014

It's my last week in Mexico..

Hey Everyone,
     So if anyone pictured me screaming like a little girl well you were probably right jaja you know how I am. I don't feel sad about my mission ending because I just get that way when stuff is ending but I just feel that well my life is still going to go on and well I've still got stuff to do.
     Well anyways we brought some people to church. We brought 5 people to church and it was Jenny's family and you know where she was born dun dun dun dun in Santa Ana but she only lived there like 3 years. Then the ward got split in half and the other half in now a branch and the other half is our ward so that's cool.  Our ward mission leader got upgraded jaja so he's now a 2nd counselor but he's a cool guy and I'm going to miss him.     
     There are 2 people that can get baptized this Sunday. It could be this one guy we have been teaching for ever but he says he's not ready but that he was going to do it this Sunday. Then there's Jenny's daughter and she's 9 but I'm not sure because our president doesn't like that we baptize family's by parts. So I guess we will see.
      What else can I say about this week, oh that we went to work with the sisters and gosh every time we go work with them I regret it. It just started pouring and I didn't have a jacket or umbrella so we got soaked and no one wanted to let us in but well oh well. It was a fun experience. 
     Oh and Mom I'm going to leave all my garbage clothes here and also all my blankets and  my boots cause I don't think I'll be using them after my mission so I'm just going to donate them to the members.
     Hey can people stop buying new cars and stuff ! I just hope that someone has bought me some new stuff cough cough a new cough laptop cough jajajjaja
Anyway we have been working and I'm pretty tired  but I guess that's good and all because that's all the time I have left to work. 
     So for my photos well one is of our family home evening and then one is of a catholic church and then one is of something called a bombazo and their like bread friend in salsa and then they put meat inside wow there so gooood. yum yum
     Okay so this Monday I will be in the mission home and that day is like do whatever you want day.
Then on Tuesday at 4 we have to be in the president's home and ready cause we're going to eat with them and yeah Wednesday bye bye Mexico. So that will be fun.
     So I won't say I'll talk to you next Monday cause honestly I dunno but i'll give you all a big hug next week if that's fine with everyone jajaja. So I hope that's fine. 
Hey I love everyone
Take Care
Elder Cooper

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