Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, June 16, 2014

It's my last week in Mexico..

Hey Everyone,
     So if anyone pictured me screaming like a little girl well you were probably right jaja you know how I am. I don't feel sad about my mission ending because I just get that way when stuff is ending but I just feel that well my life is still going to go on and well I've still got stuff to do.
     Well anyways we brought some people to church. We brought 5 people to church and it was Jenny's family and you know where she was born dun dun dun dun in Santa Ana but she only lived there like 3 years. Then the ward got split in half and the other half in now a branch and the other half is our ward so that's cool.  Our ward mission leader got upgraded jaja so he's now a 2nd counselor but he's a cool guy and I'm going to miss him.     
     There are 2 people that can get baptized this Sunday. It could be this one guy we have been teaching for ever but he says he's not ready but that he was going to do it this Sunday. Then there's Jenny's daughter and she's 9 but I'm not sure because our president doesn't like that we baptize family's by parts. So I guess we will see.
      What else can I say about this week, oh that we went to work with the sisters and gosh every time we go work with them I regret it. It just started pouring and I didn't have a jacket or umbrella so we got soaked and no one wanted to let us in but well oh well. It was a fun experience. 
     Oh and Mom I'm going to leave all my garbage clothes here and also all my blankets and  my boots cause I don't think I'll be using them after my mission so I'm just going to donate them to the members.
     Hey can people stop buying new cars and stuff ! I just hope that someone has bought me some new stuff cough cough a new cough laptop cough jajajjaja
Anyway we have been working and I'm pretty tired  but I guess that's good and all because that's all the time I have left to work. 
     So for my photos well one is of our family home evening and then one is of a catholic church and then one is of something called a bombazo and their like bread friend in salsa and then they put meat inside wow there so gooood. yum yum
     Okay so this Monday I will be in the mission home and that day is like do whatever you want day.
Then on Tuesday at 4 we have to be in the president's home and ready cause we're going to eat with them and yeah Wednesday bye bye Mexico. So that will be fun.
     So I won't say I'll talk to you next Monday cause honestly I dunno but i'll give you all a big hug next week if that's fine with everyone jajaja. So I hope that's fine. 
Hey I love everyone
Take Care
Elder Cooper

Monday, June 9, 2014

only one more letter after this ..

Hey Everyone,
     Well what can I say about this last week? So we brought a family to church and that's always good.It's funny her name is Jennifer jaja and she reminds me a lot of you Jen jaja, they're pretty funny. Also we had a lot of help with a member because she helped us bring them the family to church and she's their friend. She's even helping us teach them so it's great when the ward helps with teaching, in fact it's awesome. Besides that were trying to find new people but we also have some people that can get baptized but there not excited about it but were going to see what happens with them. So I'm pretty sure that Jenny and her family will get baptized.
     Let's see here it's been raining like crazy.We were working with the sisters and it started pouring and all I had that was waterproof were my rain boots so I got soaked completely thru to everything.It was pretty funny there were little rivers and stuff we had to cross but it was pretty fun.
     I'm glad to hear that Grandpa is okay and that he's doing fine because that's something big to go through. Well I know 2 years is a super long time and that my mission is going to end but everyone knows you just have to keep on working before you get to the end.So I've been making burritos like how they make them in their  houses here and wow there so good. Also what I've noticed here is that in Mexico it is a little behind  because they have everything but just they have it all a little back wards like they don't try to progress but they have new phones and stuff like that so that I find that pretty funny.Well went on a tour bus last week and it was pretty fun but I'm 100 % sure that they didn't know english. Well I'm just working with the members here. I think I'm going to be torn to come home because I love this ward and I've been here 6 months. Well my mission is coming to an end but it's ending a little by little. I mean I only have 2 weeks left and its going by quick but slowly at the same time jaja. I'm going to try to bring back all that I can and if not well oh well. It's been cool but all things have to come to an end.
  I love everyone and heres my photos. First is the tour and then we were up on a house and so we took some more photos jaja but they're pretty beautiful because I'm there jaja
Love you guys,
Elder Cooper 

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 more weeks...

Hey Everyone,
     So only 3 weeks and it's gonna go by quick so I hope everyone is ready to see me . We had our interviews with president and he gave me my new temple recommend and he also gave me a lot of stuff and advise for after my mission which was nice because it's almost to an end.He even made me laugh because he's a pretty cool president. Then we brought 3 people to church and it was steak conference.I'm pretty sure that they liked it because it was pretty good. Yeah they need to get married and were still working on that for them. They seem to really like the church and are reading the Book of Mormon so they're doing pretty good.
      I'm still working with my companion and it's a work in progress because he takes stuff pretty serious but I don't really like to do.  My companion has only got 5 months out here but he's a pretty funny Elder .
     Umm also we are just working and working. Honestly it's pretty fun and it's been raining a bunch here so it's been pretty crazy here. One time we had to wait like an hour and it was still raining and there were like little rivers but I had my boots on and I just kept on walking jaja.
     Hey you guys have to make sure that the stake president knows I'm coming home or well were just going to have to go find the a mission president jaja.
     Tambien I don't know what else to say but I remember I was opening a salsa packet and it exploded and bamm it just flew all over my companion and dang I just got all of his shirt dirty so that sucks but I didn't mean to do it but oh well.
     I'm trying to get rid of all my extra stuff that I don't want to bring back so that's pretty fun,not really jaja. I hope everything is fine with Grandpa and I fasted and everything and as I fasted I felt a pain in my side and then I remembered Grandpa is going to have surgery and I felt that pain right where I think he would have had it so I think that I helped.
     I love you guys and I'm so excited to come back and see you guys but I'm just continuing to work here in Mexico because it's so fun here and it's awesome here but there's always that fun part of seeing all of you. Well here's my photos, there's one of the view and of my package from Jen.
Hey but I love everyone and I'm going to try and think up some more crazy stories this week
Les Amo Mucho,
Elder Cooper

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Hey Everyone,
     I only have a month left can you all believe it? So what has happened this week. Well first off we went to a ward activity and that's where pretty much all of my photos came from. It was like going to a ward activity at home and I felt a little weird but we get there and we really didn't do anything but I took photos. Well we didn't bring anyone to church this week but we just keep on working.
       Also it's been a funny week with my companion, he is a pretty funny kid.He just acts pretty new all the time but doesn't know how to trust in some things yet but he's pretty funny. We went with some new investigators and we were explaining that we don't repent to a father or something like that instead we repent and we ask forgiveness to God and I'm explaining that we only need help from the bishop if it's something really bad that we have done like killing someone or sleeping with someone else and she tells us you know what were actually getting divorced and man I was like okay but your just separating and she tells us that she already seeing another person jaja. My companion was like noooooooooooooo there gonners. jajaja
      Well I dunno I do feel a little weird because I do only have a month left but oh well and it's pretty funny cause I have 6 months in this ward. That's a long time and they all ask me hey did you buy a house and I say no. I dunno why but the bishop keeps on sending me visiting teachers jaja.
Well what else can I say about today. Well I've been kind of sick but oh well I've just been putting up with it for a month and well yeah I'm home and can get some real care.
     I'm almost finished reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in my mission, I hope I finish it before I come home. Today were going to try and go on a bus tour well that's gonna be really cool ,well I'm just trying to have fun. So yesterday we were doing pretty bad in our numbers so for about 3 hours we just walked around and we contacted 30 people jaja. It was pretty funny I was trying to help my companion get over being nervous to talk to people but also it was kind of super fun because you get to know all kinds of people that are from all over Mexico. Remember I'm in Toluca.
      Okay well my photos. First is of a guy shaving in the middle of the street and then well the activity and the ward mission leader's son.
I love you and tell grandpa that he's on my mind and in my prayers.
Love all of  you
Elder Cooper

Monday, May 19, 2014

5 more weeks !

Hey Everyone,
     So I only have 5 more weeks ! Can  you all believe that? Well I feel like the movie The Best 2 Years because I feel like Elder Rogers and my companion is Elder Calhoun. Well maybe not in the way of me not working but that my companion is just like Elder Calhoun and it's pretty funny. Just think of the movie and that's how I feel right now.      
     So we didn't bring anyone to church with us this week.Everyone we had fell through but it kind of stunk because everyone said they couldn't go or on Sunday they just lost touch with us.
     Also today were going to go on a tour bus and go tour the city of Toluca, so that's going to be kind of cool. So what else can I say, well I dunno but I know I got accepted into BYUH. I dunno what school I want to go to so I'm going to pray and think about it this week but I'll tell you all next week.
      So that's funny that we now have a piano.  Hey Elder Stromberg said his family read my blog and that's one reason I stayed in Centro jaja. Well I dont have alot of stories just that I'm loving it here in Toluca and that everything is fine here. I'm just kind of sad that my mission is coming to an end. I'm not trunky but well the end of my mission is coming.
      Hey so I sent a picture of when I was almost asleep with a blanket and when I was working with some of the other members but also I want to say that I'm happy with my Elder Calhoun companion and doing everything while working with him so well thats fine with me.
Hey I love all of you and I'll talk to you next week
Elder Cooper