Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, June 2, 2014

3 more weeks...

Hey Everyone,
     So only 3 weeks and it's gonna go by quick so I hope everyone is ready to see me . We had our interviews with president and he gave me my new temple recommend and he also gave me a lot of stuff and advise for after my mission which was nice because it's almost to an end.He even made me laugh because he's a pretty cool president. Then we brought 3 people to church and it was steak conference.I'm pretty sure that they liked it because it was pretty good. Yeah they need to get married and were still working on that for them. They seem to really like the church and are reading the Book of Mormon so they're doing pretty good.
      I'm still working with my companion and it's a work in progress because he takes stuff pretty serious but I don't really like to do.  My companion has only got 5 months out here but he's a pretty funny Elder .
     Umm also we are just working and working. Honestly it's pretty fun and it's been raining a bunch here so it's been pretty crazy here. One time we had to wait like an hour and it was still raining and there were like little rivers but I had my boots on and I just kept on walking jaja.
     Hey you guys have to make sure that the stake president knows I'm coming home or well were just going to have to go find the a mission president jaja.
     Tambien I don't know what else to say but I remember I was opening a salsa packet and it exploded and bamm it just flew all over my companion and dang I just got all of his shirt dirty so that sucks but I didn't mean to do it but oh well.
     I'm trying to get rid of all my extra stuff that I don't want to bring back so that's pretty fun,not really jaja. I hope everything is fine with Grandpa and I fasted and everything and as I fasted I felt a pain in my side and then I remembered Grandpa is going to have surgery and I felt that pain right where I think he would have had it so I think that I helped.
     I love you guys and I'm so excited to come back and see you guys but I'm just continuing to work here in Mexico because it's so fun here and it's awesome here but there's always that fun part of seeing all of you. Well here's my photos, there's one of the view and of my package from Jen.
Hey but I love everyone and I'm going to try and think up some more crazy stories this week
Les Amo Mucho,
Elder Cooper

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