Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Hey Everyone,
     I only have a month left can you all believe it? So what has happened this week. Well first off we went to a ward activity and that's where pretty much all of my photos came from. It was like going to a ward activity at home and I felt a little weird but we get there and we really didn't do anything but I took photos. Well we didn't bring anyone to church this week but we just keep on working.
       Also it's been a funny week with my companion, he is a pretty funny kid.He just acts pretty new all the time but doesn't know how to trust in some things yet but he's pretty funny. We went with some new investigators and we were explaining that we don't repent to a father or something like that instead we repent and we ask forgiveness to God and I'm explaining that we only need help from the bishop if it's something really bad that we have done like killing someone or sleeping with someone else and she tells us you know what were actually getting divorced and man I was like okay but your just separating and she tells us that she already seeing another person jaja. My companion was like noooooooooooooo there gonners. jajaja
      Well I dunno I do feel a little weird because I do only have a month left but oh well and it's pretty funny cause I have 6 months in this ward. That's a long time and they all ask me hey did you buy a house and I say no. I dunno why but the bishop keeps on sending me visiting teachers jaja.
Well what else can I say about today. Well I've been kind of sick but oh well I've just been putting up with it for a month and well yeah I'm home and can get some real care.
     I'm almost finished reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time in my mission, I hope I finish it before I come home. Today were going to try and go on a bus tour well that's gonna be really cool ,well I'm just trying to have fun. So yesterday we were doing pretty bad in our numbers so for about 3 hours we just walked around and we contacted 30 people jaja. It was pretty funny I was trying to help my companion get over being nervous to talk to people but also it was kind of super fun because you get to know all kinds of people that are from all over Mexico. Remember I'm in Toluca.
      Okay well my photos. First is of a guy shaving in the middle of the street and then well the activity and the ward mission leader's son.
I love you and tell grandpa that he's on my mind and in my prayers.
Love all of  you
Elder Cooper

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