Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, May 19, 2014

5 more weeks !

Hey Everyone,
     So I only have 5 more weeks ! Can  you all believe that? Well I feel like the movie The Best 2 Years because I feel like Elder Rogers and my companion is Elder Calhoun. Well maybe not in the way of me not working but that my companion is just like Elder Calhoun and it's pretty funny. Just think of the movie and that's how I feel right now.      
     So we didn't bring anyone to church with us this week.Everyone we had fell through but it kind of stunk because everyone said they couldn't go or on Sunday they just lost touch with us.
     Also today were going to go on a tour bus and go tour the city of Toluca, so that's going to be kind of cool. So what else can I say, well I dunno but I know I got accepted into BYUH. I dunno what school I want to go to so I'm going to pray and think about it this week but I'll tell you all next week.
      So that's funny that we now have a piano.  Hey Elder Stromberg said his family read my blog and that's one reason I stayed in Centro jaja. Well I dont have alot of stories just that I'm loving it here in Toluca and that everything is fine here. I'm just kind of sad that my mission is coming to an end. I'm not trunky but well the end of my mission is coming.
      Hey so I sent a picture of when I was almost asleep with a blanket and when I was working with some of the other members but also I want to say that I'm happy with my Elder Calhoun companion and doing everything while working with him so well thats fine with me.
Hey I love all of you and I'll talk to you next week
Elder Cooper

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