Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day..

     Hey this is a little weird isn't it? It feels like just yesterday that we were talking on Skype jajaja. Well anyways it was really nice to talk to everyone on Skype but I didn't really know what to say and I hope my little accent wasn't to funny for anyone cough cough Jen. It was nice to talk to everyone but now I have 6 weeks left and I have to work. In 6 weeks I can take a break and chill out and watch Dragon Ball Z and GA jaja.
      Well my old companion left and he was alright.My new companion's name is Elder Dahlin and he's from Utah but we did both go to Clovis West.I think we missed each other just by a year or something like that. He's a nice kid and only has about 4 months in the mission but he speaks some good spanish. 
     Umm what else so I'm excited that I will end my mission in Toluca. Honestly I love the members here and I know the area. I can just keep working with the people here which is pretty fun and with my converts. 
Well it's going to be a fun 6 weeks that's all that I know jaja. 
The ward is pretty funny they said that I was going to have a calling and home teachers before I left jaja I like the ward a lot.
     Well I sent my pictures but I didn't take a lot but there of the dead volcano of Toluca and also from the family home evening at the bishop's house. 
well I  love you guys and I forgot to take pictures of my suitcases but I'm going to send them next Monday I promise.
Love you guys, take care 
Elder Cooper

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