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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Hey Everyone,
     So it's El Cinco De Mayo and we don't celebrate that here in Mexico. You have to remember that the 14th and 15th of September are the independence days of Mexico and the Cinco De Mayo is the battle of Puebla so they don't celebrate it here jaja.
     Anyway so on Sunday we had a baptism and her name is Sandra and she is amazing. First off she has been waiting 20 years to get baptized.Finally her husband got divorced from his previous wife and then she was able to get married on the 3rd. Then yesterday she got up to bare her testimony and wow it was great, she said how grateful she is that she can be baptized and how horrid it was that she had to wait 20 years. Later that day her baptism was packed, I have never seen a baptism like this and after she was baptized she wanted to say a few things, I have never felt the spirit like that. She thanked everyone for supporting her and for heavenly father supporting her during the time she was waiting and she even said a few words about me,that I wouldn't get transferred until she was baptized. There have been a lot of elders but I was the only elder that stayed and baptized her jaja. That was the most powerful the spirit has been in any baptismal service I have ever attended .
     Well we also brought 3 people to church, we brought Lenore, who is an older lady but she's cool because she came to church and everything. Then another one is name Cesar and he is a husband of a member but they say that weird spirit things are happening in the house. Were going to go ghost adventures style when we go visit them jaja. Then Daniel came and we want to baptize him on Sunday but we will see about that.
     It's going to be my last change,if they leave me here I'm going to end my mission here in Toluca and if they change me well I'm going to end in that area so who knows what Gods going to do but I want to stay here. It would be awesome but then I would have 6 months in this area and right now I'll have 4 months and a half so who knows.
     Also well I forgot to send you a picture of my suitcase but I'm going to do it next week. Did you guys get my package yet no okay and only to reaffirm on Skype so at 4 o'clock here and 2 o'clock for you guys and hey if I'm late don't start freaking out but the latest I'll get there is at 5 because if we have a baptism we will be late but if not we will be there at 4. Were going to plan on that so everyone just be ready at 2 o'clock okay,
I love you all,
Take care
Elder Cooper

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