Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, April 28, 2014

es mi carta

Hey, well this week what can I say? It wasn't the best week in the world.
Well we didn't baptize anyone, but as we all know that sometimes a baptism doesn't all pop out every Sunday. Well on Sunday we passed by for 2 investigators, which was kind of weak because I lost 80 pesos, like 6 bucks, and well we passed by for them and they weren't there which was a huge bummer, I know. Then in church Sandra came and she's awesome because she has pretty much been going to church for 20 years. And now her husband is getting divorced and they're getting married, and the first thing she wants to do is get baptized. It's kind of funny because she doesn't even live in the ward but she wont get baptized if it isn't in this ward. So wow the miracles always happen when God wants it to happen honestly. 

But also we had come to church another investigator which is named Daniel and we really haven't talked with him, but were going to go see him on Thursday, so we hope that he will progress a lot and also well what else happened in the week? Well, ohh we had a meeting of District Leaders. It was kind of cool because they do it every 8 months, and I got to be there. And we learned the importance of being District Leaders, and how to do it. And the importance and how to ministry to your District so I really liked it a lot.
Also I sent a package I sent 22 ties and 3 backpacks and ummm all the letters that everyone has sent me, and also letters for you guys that I had written in Christmas, but I hope they still apply. And all my agendas. 

Oh and well we haven't planned anything for Mothers Day but I would bet that it would be that Sunday. Because Mothers Day here is the 10th, and in the States it is the 11th, Sunday. So well we are going to be planning it but don't you worry we will be talking by Skype. I'm loving the mission I know it's going to end super quick, but oh well, I still have 2 months and then I'm home. But those 2 months, well I have to work. Well funny story could I tell you guys? Umm, well it's been raining here but lightly, because June, July, and September is the rainy season here. That's when it rains and the streets become rivers, so lets hope that it doesn't do that this year. jaja. 

Hey I love you all! I'm going to pray for Grandpa and I hope everyone is fine. 

Love you,

Elder Cooper 

Oh my fotos, well there all of hills and of the city, and some are of our 1 room apartment! So I hope you all enjoy!

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