Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so big news here, there was a big ole earthquake here ! So funny because I was in the bathroom and I see the window start shaking and also the pipe outside and then I start thinking well I guess it's an earthquake and my companion starts yelling we have to leave, we have to go downstairs. So nothing happened and we were fine. Don't worry about that.
      This week we had no baptisms which I know it stinks. We did have someone come to church and it was a real miracle because we went looking for the people that were supposed to come to church. One of them told us no and the other one gave us wrong directions so we were waiting for a taxi. Then this guy that's driving super slow and a little weird like he's drunk drives by and then he puts it in reverse and comes up to us and says where are you guys going and we said to the church and he said I'll give you a ride to the avenue. We got in but it seemed like we were going to be kidnapped and then we invited him to church and he actually came. It was just so great to see how the Lord always listens to every single child and never leaves them deprived. The taxi driver's  his name is Antonio and he left and brought his family to the other church services jaja. 
That was awesome but I don't know if he's super interested because he didn't want to give us his info but were going to go find him. On a good note we had one of our future baptisms come to church yah and she's super ready for her baptism.
     Well Easter here they do something else, they do what is called the holy week. Where they remember Christ but it's really just the Catholics and what they do is they crucify someone on the Sunday of pascua and yeah it's pretty sad if you think about it. Then they have the day of glory where they throw water off the roof and get people wet,why I dunno. They also have the Sunday of Ramos where they all go to the catholic church and buy palm leaves and put them in their houses to remember when Christ rode in on the donkey.
     Okay well I'm still in Toluca Centro and maybe I'll be here till I end my mission, I hope so it would be super cool. Who knows but I hope I stay and I can end my mission here.Also well I'm glad that I'm going to talk to you guys in 3 weeks but wow that feels so weird to say because after that yeah I'm practically home. 
     I will continue praying for all of you and that your all fine
I love you,  take care
Elder Cooper

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