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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's My Birthday

Hey Everyone,
      It's my birthday baby and we gonna have me some fun jajaj. I hope Jen
remembers what song I'm trying to sing jaja. Yes it's my birthday and how weird is it that it would land on a p day jaja.Well it's been a fun day, first today we went to Walmart and then we went bowling. Wow I haven't done that for such a long time. Then we went back to the church and our ward mission leader gave us tacos and a big cake so it was a pretty fun day. I opened my presents today yahhhh wow thanks for sending me such great things jaja. Now I have things to play with and I like the watch I'm going to start using it tomorrow.
     Nothing else has really happened except now I'm 22 oh no and well what else well this week no one came to church what a bummer I know and no one got baptized. we are working so that we can bring more people to church and so these people can be real investigators. This week we hope to see our work pay off  because it's been 2 weeks and no one has gone to church. Well we are going to work hard and pray and do everything possible.
     Umm hey so I got my flight plans and I just sent them to you.I had to call our secretary of the president and he had to send them to me I'm guessing that he forgot.Wow it's awesome that I only have to take one flight and that's it but I'm pretty sure that I'm going home alone but oh well. Wow i'll get home at 9 can you guys believe that? So please tell the stake president that so that he can be there to release me unless he wants me to baptize more people or cough cough Juan or Grandma jajajaj. 
     Also well my companion he's fine actually we get along really well actually.He's a fun companion his name is Elder Rizabal and he's from Peru. 
     Also I just wanted to take a note that the mission is the part in the life when for example we can learn things because 1 we are on our own and 2 there is no one to bail us out or to tell us what choices to make. For example yesterday we were eating and we were eating eggs with nopales which is like the inner part of the cactus just google it. Anyway it's super gross and super slimmy and well there was no way in the world I was going to finish it so what did I do? I threw half of it in a bag and then when we left I threw it in the trash but I tell you guys this just because the mission is the only place in the world where someone would do that and 2nd where someone has to learn to make there own decisions and have to deal with them apart from normal life. I'm just saying it as a starting point  because afterwards then we start to live on our own and do all that but the mission is the time when well I have learned the most in my life. 
     Mom I wanted to ask if you can make an appointment with Dr. Smith so I can see her within a week when I get back there because I really haven't been to a doctor for 2 years. Another thing is that when I come back I want to go see the eye doctor and get new glasses because these glasses I have are failing me. When I get back I'm going to need new ones so please Mom make those appointments or Dad someone please. 
Also I hope Grandpa is fine in his operation and I will pray for him and I love him 
I love you all and hope you all are fine 
Elder Cooper

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