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Friday, April 11, 2014

21 Months Down..

Hey Everyone,
     So this week it was my first week being district leader and that was super fun,I
guess it's more stressful than anything. I have to help my district so they can progress and it's hard when I'm trying to find people but I guess it's fun at the same time jajaja. Well what else, so I did 2 interviews for people that were going to get baptized so that was fun they were my first interviews. Maybe Katie or Tyler can explain more but it's because the people who are going to be baptized have to have an interview to testify before a representative that they are worthy and stuff like that as it says in doctrine and covenants 20. Well one got baptized and the other one will be for the other week so I hope that they are fine and that nothing goes wrong for them
     We had 2 baptisms yahahahah. They're the grandsons of sister Alicia, wow I know this family is just blowing up. It's great and their names are Christan and Renata and I know they will love the church. Well I also baptized someone for the sisters which was fun.
  I noticed during conference they talked a lot about just conforming. I'm talking about how we do stuff like when the Lord gives us something to do and we have something else it doesn't matter we just have to do it because he is our God and he is the person that will give us all things we need and if we can't do it then we lack faith. Also I liked that pretty much all of the talks talked about faith and prayer and how important it is that we pray with such true intention and trying to pray as honest as we can
     Well I'm trying to get my photos but we will see how that goes so I will just say that I love you and thanks for doing everything for me and for sending me such Happy Birthday wishes in advance also thanks for helping me on the mission.
Love Elder Cooper

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