Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I love Corn

Hey Everyone,
     Well it's been an entire week since I've heard from you guys, I know such a long time. So well I'm doing better,I feel like 100 times better yeah and were probably going to go eat tacos later, I hope anyways but who knows.Anyway this week we brought 2 people to church and they are the parents of this kid named Cesar and their names are Martha and Ivan and they came for the first time yahhhh and I think they liked it and their son Cesar is going to get baptized next week yahhhhh. Another person came to church and his name is David.
     So I'm still here in Centro but well who knows because on the 31st we have changes and I think I'm going to get changed because me and my companion have been out the same amount of time and I doubt that they will leave us here for 3 more months but well whatever.

     This ward is good,I love the ward mission leader. he's a cool guy and he loves working and he helps us a lot because there's a lot of wards here that don't do anything and it sucks when you get a ward that won't help. Well I was thinking in like 2 months I'll be talking to you guys and from there like a month and I will be home ,wow it's going to go by super quick ! So that's cool. 
What else can I say about well my mission, well I love the tacos man there sooooooooooo good. 

Um also well I was thinking Mom the decisions are fine that you made about school, I'm fine with whatever so don't worry . So what else do I say but just that I'm tired and I'm hungry and it's been getting a little windy here. 

Okay so my pictures so first is of the Cosmovitral which is like super famous, look it up on Google people. Then is of me in this little wood thing. Then in one of the members house where you can see like all of Toluca. Then us picking corn jaja because this lady asked for help when we were searching for this  member and I don't know that but when  we went in and we were helping here take the grans of the corn and yah she said she was going to come to church.
okay well maybe I don't have anything to exciting to say but maybe I  just don't know what to tell you guys in my letter right now but I'm going to think of a story for next week.Don't you worry about it people. 
Love You 
Elder Cooper

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