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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey Everyone,
     Hey! Well for this week we had a baptism . It was Alica's grandson and his name is Cesar. Man he was very excited to be baptized. It was tight. Well, next week we are going to baptize Cesar's parents. They are also ready for baptism.

     Man I got sick again and it sucked because it was the same feeling as last time. I woke up on Thursday and I just felt sick so we didn't go to work and I just stayed in my bed all day throwing up and I threw up like 12 times. Boo. Well I'm still recuprating from being sick but I didn't go to the doctor but if I get sick again then I'm just going to the doctor and well if not  i'm guessing that I'm fine. Well for this next week we are going to have 2 baptisms yahhh.

    Ummm so I dunno this letter is suppppper short and I feel bad cause that is how I felt this week jaja it's pretty mild tempreture here and I didn't even know it was St Patrick's day until right now and well what else ummm well one thing while I'm in this mission we aren't going to use ipads because our mission which i'm guessing about this but it is the most basic or poor mission in the world cause we just use what we got and yah ohh well. jaja I mean for my entire mission I just used my feet to get around and buses and I've never had a bike or car so I really doubt this mission will ever get ipads or use Facebook.

    Okay I can't leave my letter that small, I feel bad because I didn't write more.  I want to say that I have felt on my mission and that the spirit is everything.Like how it converted Brigham Young and well man we just met with this kid whose going to Costa Rica on his mission but he just wants to share his testimony with everyone and he's a great guy. The spirit , I think is how we do the work of the Lord
  Ummm I feel terrible but well my letter is super short this week so I'll just explain my photos this week so first well there's part of Toluca and then there's my converts and they are doing like this tapetes which is like a rug or like a placemat jaja and they make them and then me in the taxi. Then there is this festival and that guy has a stick which he light bottle rockets out of his hand jaja. Then it's our baptism photos alright well I'll spice it up next week alright.
 I love you guys, take care and be safe. 
Elder Cooper

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