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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

Hey Everybody,

     Well this week, it wasn't a bad week at all. So first off, we will start off by saying we baptized 2 people. yahhhhh! We baptized Cesar's Mom from last week, whose name is Martha. And we baptized her son. His name is Angel, he is in a wheel chair. Well he is 13, and we taught him everything for baptism. He said, "yeah, I want to be baptized," and then for his baptism I threw him over my shoulder and put him in a chair and my companion was holding his legs down and we baptized him.Wow! Just so awesome to see people to come unto the Lord. Then his mom got baptized. She was super nervous, and we helped her, and she was baptized. Then we have 2 other baptisms planned for the other week! It's gonna be good!
     Also this week the changes are on Monday. So I could be in another area so who knows? I hope not because I love this area! But if I got to go well, I have to go. Oh well no! Well that is just great my memory just got erased! So I'm going to have my companion send me the photos of the baptisms so I can send it you guys but now I don't really have photos to send you guys for the week . 

     Okay well yeah, my birthday is coming up. Well oh well, I'll celebrate it when I come back no? Because well, I can't really do too much this month can I? Well also, thanks for all your support. I know I'll be home quickly. Well, also I like that me being a missionary is a good thing for everyone honestly, so that they can have the things that they need. I am always talking to people about who the Mormons are, and what is this, or why we don't pray to the Virgin De Guadalupe. But I always remember the words of the prophets, that the wicked were always mad when the prophets spoke because they had spoken harsh words. When they had only spoken the truth, but the truth is harsh for the wicked like Abinadi and others. 

     Well yeah, I have little time left in the Mission, but that doesn't matter. I'll be back and ready to go to college.jaja! Jen that sucks that there was a lizard in your room! But here sometimes there's scorpions and if they sting you they will give you a fever.

     Okay well, I'm packing up, but it's because this internet has been super slow. I mean honestly, it's just super slow, and freezing, and its formatted the memory of my camera, ugh, super dumb!

So I love you guys see you next week 

Take care!
Elder Cooper

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