Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well it's my letter again kinda weird, I know right? So this week, man we were working hard. Me and Elder Dardon got kinda stuck so we go to church and no one came to church.  Now I'm still in Centro and now my Companion is Elder Jenson and he's from Utah.  He's got the same time as me in the mission! Can you guys believe it? Or not, but that's how it's going to be!
     This week what I was thinking is that Mexico is a little different, and that they might put chile on their fruit but they're good people here. Honestly I'm going to miss the people here and will probably return sometime in the future.
What else? Oh that we didn't have water today. Good news, it was right after I was ending to shower, is when it was ending the water. So that was good, no? Or otherwise I would have been one mad little duck. Kind of stinks that in a lot of places they cut the water randomly, for no reason. Here in Mexico even though it's dirty water there's not enough of it. 

We are working with some investigators so that they can get baptized. But man, guess what? They aren't married. A lot of people they don't really understand the importance of getting married and keeping those kinds of rules. It's something that's kind of getting lost or destroyed  in our society today. But we're helping them to get baptized, but first they've got to come to church!

 Also our Ward Mission Leader is awesome! He always is trying to help us, and trying to help us contact more people and to well have more baptisms. And well just in general have more success in our mission. He's great that guy.

And well what else can I say of this week? Nothing like super crazy happened that I would say, man they have to know! But maybe just that I'm here preaching the gospel is something that I would say is awesome. Maybe talking with the Mexicans with my funny Mexican accent. I'll spice up the next letter don't worry about it.

Oh and my fotos, well there's one with me and a lake. And it's pretty. Then I baptized a lady who has a bunch pf time in the church. but she wanted me to baptize her. Who knows? But I did it, but she lives out of my area. And well the family of our Mission Leader. 
Love you! 

Take care

Elder Cooper

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