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Monday, February 24, 2014

Another day in the life..

Hey Everyone,
     So it's been a week hasn't it? Wow well I guess this week has been a little interesting. Well this week we brought 4 investigators to church. One was named Liliana and her kid and man she was crying  because she didn't like not coming to church and was telling us that she was going to come and then she came for an hour which was great. Then the other 2 were nephews of my recent baptism Alicia, they liked it but now we just have to talk with their mom to see what she says and what they thought. 
     What was cool this week was that I was on the bus and I contacted this guy and he had a heavy accent and I was talking to him in spanish and he said I don't speak Spanish and I said well what do you speak and he said English so I was talking to him and he said he's training in Toluca because of the altitude and that he lives in Canada but he was born in Kenya. Can you believe that, I was marveled that the Lord allowed me to speak to this person and I came all the way to Mexico to do so.....
     Also well my companion isn't bad but he's kind of strict though, like today we spent  2 hours cleaning the house and that wasn't my idea. jaja also my companion has like a satchel or a man bag with his scriptures and it's like attached to his hip like a fanny pack jaja.

     What I realized is how famous my area because is, I'm in the central area of Toluca so if you guys Google the Cosmovitral De Toluca that's in my area and look up famous things of Toluca and like 20 things are just in my area. Wow it's pretty cool.

    So I love you guys. Thanks for all the things you do for me and all the support
Love you and take care,
 Elder Cooper
P.S. Also well with my photos well one of the ladies tried to do dutch oven potatoes and well they were alright and then there's a photo with me in our area and there is a photo with me and sheila and then there's all my area and of Toluca 

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