Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, February 3, 2014

19 Months

Hey! Well it's been another great week! So first we baptized someone! yahhhhhh!!! The Sister Alicia and wow, I was so happy! Well honestly we had to ask for permission to baptize her because she had only gone to church 3 times and well on the 4th or 5th you can get baptized here now. But yah we took her to get baptized and she was so excited and she loved it! Including that she signed up to give us food every Saturday, and well she's great!

Also well right now we're in a trio, but it's because my old ex-companion, Elder Ramirez, doesn't have a companion. Everyone is trading off working with him and man it sucks, but oh well, it's fun though.
 Okay well this week it hasn't been too crazy, or anything too insane happened. I've been thinking about some things, but I'm 100 percent glad that I'm in the mission. It may be hard, and sometimes it gets hard or sometimes well we are just down. But I'm not going to lie, the mission is something great. Just ask Katie, and Tyler, and maybe, just maybe, Brent or Rich! jaja I'm just joking I'm sure they have some great stories of their missions.
This week I've just been wondering about how important it is that we help people get the gospel. I mean right, everyone has a different way to do it. But there's always a way to do it. Man you know what sucks is when you have to always go to a members house and tell them to do the work. And maybe that's what we all need or are lacking, but it's something that the Lord has called for in these times. That we work diligently in calling the people back. So well I hope you guys are doing it, because a letter only has so much power you know.

Also well I think it was good that you
guys didn't cancel on the Elders because it sucks when the members cancel on you and you have to go buy food. The Sister probably felt the spirit, or well everyone has their own way to do everything. I'm going to end my letter, so first in my pictures,  so theres alot of just nature because some parts are really beatiful here. Then there's a picture of a big church here with the mexican flag and then there's one of us with my old companion, and then that's all! So well I love you guys! Take care, and well I hope you guys have a good week. Also I love the story of the fast for California because that's powerful and good, and well because that's well, how a fast works. I love you guys!
Take care
Elder Cooper 

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