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Monday, January 27, 2014

Another day another baptism...

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so first of all we had a baptism this week yeah. So we baptized a kid named Brandon David and it's funny if you look at the picture jaja it looks like wolverine baptized him cause of his hair but it is a really cool picture. Then well we have a investigator that's coming to church and she has come 3 times to church and were going to baptize her next week.She is great she wants to learn and she loves the church and man I just hope that she doesn't run into any problems.
     Well me and my companion are working and I like my companion. He helps me work well but sometimes he just likes doing things the way he thinks but I guess that's part of learning how to be in a companionship and learning from other people.
      I was thinking this week wow I have 19 months in the mission and beyond that I'm in Mexico and I think it's something you guys don't understand but Mexico is so different from the states and I guess I'll have to explain it when I get home. Just so many things here that are so different,it's like a entire different world. For example I can be by our house here where it's nice and has paved roads and then I get to one part and it's pure dirt and it's like a little town and in the states it isn't even like that.
     okay so I dunno what else to say but well this week I was left in my area without my companion and man it kindof stunk because I only had about 1 week and I had to manage myself in this area while I was here without my companion.I was a little lost but I feel like I know how to read a map now and I know how to get around here in mexico.
     So well I want to say I love you guys and thanks for being the best. Also here are the photos of the baptisms and then is one photos because my memory got formatted but I saved this image so its one of me with a light post in the middle of the road.
I love you guys
Take Care
Elder Cooper

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