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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hey Everyone,
     So it's been another week and we didn't have any baptisms but if you look at my pictures you will see we helped the sisters baptize some little girls jaja. That family was super funny too.It's so funny we went to the sister's area to look for these kids so my companion could interview them and then the sisters never got there but I had been there once before so by the power of the God we got there and the sisters got there like an hour and half later.
      okay it's still super freezing here and I sleep with 2 pajamas pants and then I sleep with 2 hoodies on can u believe that? It's horrible I know. Well also I know I forgot to mention before but I have pink eye and I have had it for about a month, I guess it's because the doctor just gave me medicine over the phone and it didn't work.
     Anyways we brought 1 person to church and he came with the person who came last week.I know what a miracle,someone brought her fiance to church. Then yesterday I got to know 2 investigators that I think are going to be members because they seem really good and their kid is a member.Also the 2 people that we baptized last week got confirmed but they didn't pay for their marriage but someone from the ward gave us the money, what a miracle.
     So also I wanted to say I think I'm loosing my English because I'm starting to forget how to say a lot of things and even spell them, well I never knew how to spell but God helped me out on that one. I think in 6 months I'm gonna be in trouble jaja. Wow there's a ton of words I can't remember now or how to pronounce them but well I guess that's part of learning another language. 
     Wow Alison got engaged ,well I guess there's no time like the present jaja but well that's good now her fiance just needs to get baptized jajaja . Well that's good that there moving in a good  direction. Congratulations.
  In hard times I like to read Nephi because he has always been someone really good because he also had problems.Okay well I love you guys and take care.  I pray always for you guys.
Take care, Love you always
Elder Cooper

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