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Monday, January 13, 2014

Another baptism...

Hey Everyone,
     So this week nothing that big happened, but we did baptize 2 people. Fransisco and Martha. They were ready for baptism before I got here. We had to get them married, and for us it's not too big of a problem, because honestly there are parts where it costs a lot to get people married. We go to a judge where we take the papers and it costs us about 700 pesos. Then we bring them to the people and they sign them and then we take them back. Well it usually costs like 2000 pesos to get married and it's really difficult. The only thing that sucks is it's in the north and like 4 hours away from where our area is right now. Also we brought one person to the church and she was great, she came to church for the first time and we haven't had a chance to talk to her after church, so I really don't know too much about what's going on with her.
     First I want to say that it's freaking cold here in Toluca, and I slept in 2 pairs of pajamas! Yah I'm still cold but I guess I can't complain too much because that's the life here and I can't do anything about it.
      Also one thing I was thinking about here is that they have a drink called atole and it's super good it's like milk with corn. Like the stuff they make the tortillas with, and it's super good and wow. Also I had to give a talk yesterday and nobody told me so I had maybe 5 minutes to prepare a talk. Who knows if I did bad? I guess it doesn't really matter anyways.
     I was thinking about something, which is that there are so many people in Mexico and why is that? Then I thought wow these people are going to get saved, or not, and well who knows? Then I remembered that life is hard and so is missionary work. So I remembered the phrase that Cynthia says that life is a b. but I don't say the word. I thought why is that? And I remembered Adam and when he was thrown out of the Garden Of Eden. When God told him by the sweat of your face you will eat every day, and I think that's the same with us. If we never work, well then we are never going to have our salvation and the salvation of other people. It was an interesting thought and now I understand why the sons of Mosiah felt the way they did.
      Also Mom I like that you brought up the thing about leadership. You know sometimes I think well why aren't I a leader or something? Then I always remember, the Lord puts people where he needs them, and where they will do the most good and be the biggest help. Whatever the Lord calls me for I know I'm qualified for because the Lord always gives a way for the children of men to fufil the commandments which he hath given them.
      Okay well I love you guys!  Jen I will look up that scripture when we get home. Well Dad thanks for always thinking about me. I thank you guys for all your support and for just being awesome. Thanks

Take Care

Love You

Elder Cooper.

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