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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Years 2014

Hey Everyone,
     So first I will say that now it's 2014 and I wish everyone a happy New Year and I hope that nothing bad happens to anyone. Okay, also how it went down here? Well Mexico is crazy about New Years so just about everyone had parties. When I went to sleep there was music playing and then when I woke up at 6:30 there were drunks singing to music, so you can see that the parties are always going here in Mexico.
     Okay so first we had a baptism. We baptized Edgar who is maried to the sister of the sister of the sister Alicia and wow we baptized him but it's because my companion told him that he couldn't get baptized cause of his past. Well we got him interviewed and then baptized and now they're preparing to enter into the temple in a year, yah so they want me to return for it but I hope someone will pay for me to return, cough, cough. It was super great to see him get baptized. Well from there I changed areas. I'm now in the zone of Toluca in the área of centro or center which is the center of Toluca and it's pretty big for the center of  Toluca which is well know in Mexico.
     Well I was sad  but I left my old área and my companion is Elder Dardon and he's from Guatemala. He's actually from the same stake as one of my other companions that I had but he seems nice and everything.
     Also today is the day of the 3 kings and that's pretty much when kids get more presents here. Yeah here you part the rosca which is like a cake and then whoever gets a Little plastic Jesus in their piece  has to invite  everyone on the 2nd of February for tamales jaja.
     I will say I'm going to pray for Grandpa. Also I sent a package but I left it with a family in my old área so I'm going to check to see if they sent it or not.
     Also I gave my CTR ring to Alicia but it's because she asked me for a CTR ring and I couldn't get her one. So I said hey if you want I will give you mine, and she didn't want it but she took it, and now uses it as a necklace. I learned in the misión the things we want the most we give and help other people to understand and have the same. That's how I've understood the phrase charity is the pure love of Christ.
     So I will say first of my photos, that one is of the baptism of Edgar. Then after that it was my companion's birthday and after that I'm not too sure but here you go.
Love you guys!
Elder Cooper


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