Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Hey  Everyone,
     Well thanks for everything and the packages! I loved everything that I got! Thanks everyone for saying I'm Mexican now and have a Mexican accent, thank you, thank you very much.
Wow it was so nice to talk to you guys honestly I loved it but also hate it because we talk and then it ends so fast. Well the next time I talk to you guys is the last time and then I can say see you guys in one month! jaja.
     We baptized yahahahahha. We baptized that lady that I introduced you guys to. Her name is Alicia and can you guys believe she had been in the church 15 years and just now she got baptized wow. It just shows the Lord and how powerful he is to bring miracles unto the children of men. Honestly her baptism service was so strong and the spirit was there and I could just feel the spirit there so strong I was like wow. 

     Then we baptized 3 others which are named Blanca , Miguel and Edgar. I baptized Edgar and his name is so hard to pronounce holy cow. It's like Edgar Quizzqcoatl De La Cruz Medina wow come on and that's like the name of Christ in Azteca or something like that, but it was so great to see the people get baptized and become part of the church of Christ. 
     Well honestly it's been interesting and I am probably going to get moved this Monday from this area. If they do or don't move me well whatever, it's what the Lord says.
Ummm, I started carrying a journal around and maybe that's what's meant when said a journal so when I feel something I just write it down. Well what else? Well that I'm going to try and send a package home with ties and a bear that Alicia gave me. Well what else? It was great talking to you guys, it made me really remember you guys and how great those things are honestly. 

     I was going to say something else, oh, that Spanish is horrible for the gospel. I know your all saying for what reason? And it's that many of the things or the understanding are lost in Spanish and don't exist. So I'm thankful that I was blessed by God to be born into the gospel and be able to understand English which is the language of the restoration.
     Okay well what else can I say, thanks for everything and that I love you guys and that i'm going to send a better letter next week maybe they will move me but who knows, I love you guys and always do the things of the Lord.

Love you guys!. 
Elder Cooper

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