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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone,
     Okay well I don't really have any time, maybe like 10 minutes. Just enough to write you guys. Well today we went to the temple and we didn't go in, but we went to the visitors center and it was fun.
Oh so Navidad well we will talk the 25th at 12 pm and so for you guys that's 2 hours earlier so if it's 12 just remember that would be at 10 for you guys, so remember that alright. 
     Well honestly it's gonna be sweet and well I'm so excited to talk to you guys and wow. Well I can't really send a letter too long so I have time to read your letters because we have been cut short this week. I have to buy medicine because I think I have pink eye but I'll tell you guys about that on Wednesday, jaja. Oh I got a couple of packages that have Christmas presents, I haven't opened them and I won't until Christmas morning. Only for you guys because you are the best! And also because I want to say we have 4 baptisms planned this Sunday and yeah it's gonna be good. 
So I wish you all a Happy Christmas and remember me! jaja and well
I love you guys!
Take care,
                                                                                    Elder Cooper

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