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Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Almost Christmas...

Hey Everyone,
     Well it's almost Christmas and you know what that means, well I get to talk to you guys.I know how great and well it's gonna be awesome and I think were going to Skype on the 25th but at 12 o'clock and I think that's 10 o'clock for you guys or 11 because I think you guys are 2 hours behind us.
     Anyways so no I haven't gotten any packages yet and well I think my zone leader Elder Stromberg has them and just doesn't want to give them to me jaja.
Also I believe I'm gonna be Santa for Christmas again but well we will see. Well so for Christmas this is what we are going to do. So first on the 23rd we are going to have a zone conference in the temple and then yeah so that's gonna be fun and then the 24th were going to watch 2 movies and then play football and do nothing and the 25th well were going to talk.
      Okay well what else oh so we have 4 baptisms planned for this change and well we have 3 planned for this Sunday but we have to teach them and then one will be getting baptized on the 28th by the old bishop and well that will be good because she's been in teaching for 15 years wow now that's a super long time I know . We didn't even tell her to get baptized or anything she just told us I'm getting baptized and I was like wow are you for real. Then yah that will be everyone because I believe that there going to transfer me and the end of this change and I hope I go to a little town in the middle of nowhere but well who knows.
      Well what else can I tell you guys.So first is that Mexico is fun and crazy and I just wanted to inform you guys that Mexicans put chile on everything, on popcorn, on chips, and well everything and it's only mexico that does that kind of stuff.
      Okay well thanks for all your help and things that you guys have told me thanks, they really do help me honestly and well that's good. So my photos are with a family who I gave ties to and then well one is of me with my new clothes 
so I love you guys.
take care
love you 
Elder Cooper


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