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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a little short this week...

Hey Everyone,
     So first I will say yes it's almost Christmas, less than 20 days wow but I honestly don't feel that Christmasy down here but that's probably just me. Maybe that's just cause I feel stressed out with my companion and all. Well I know it's going to be the 25th when I get to Skype you guys that's about all I know for now but if you guys could hunt down my Skype info again that would be nice cause I don't remember it at all.
      Well my memory on my camera
all of them, well have gotten destroyed. Yeah even my portable hard drive so yep lost pretty much all the photos well not all but almost all and even the photos that I was just taking this week .So I'm going to see if they can be recovered but I don't they can be.
Well truthfully I've been reading Doctrine and Covenants more than ever and wow it's well a book that is something really really powerful. 
    Okay well that's great that you guys are good and that mom returned to work and that its the worst season of the year, peak jajaj. Good thing I'm not there in that junk season but I really do want to start studying.
     Okay well I will say that it is good to hear that you guys are doing good and that I'm working along. Well I love you guys and your always in my head every single one of you guys so stay safe and keep on being the best and remember Christ this Christmas season. 

Elder Cooper

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