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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

17 Month Mark !

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so well this week wow we talked with a lot of people and well it wasn't too bad of a week if you ask me, but we talked with people. We had 9 people come to church. One of those people came to church but her son was ridiculous and ran away from us, so yeah, that's a shame.
      Well one of the people we brought to church was named Jose and well he's a teenager but he's pretty cool and I think he liked church and I  hope that he continues to come to church. Some other people who we were supposed to come to church didn't come and what a shame that is. I know I was pretty sad.
     Hey also I want to remember, well I dunno if you guys remember this guy but I do. Because yesterday was fast Sunday and I just remember the best, or probably the best testimony, that I remember the most. Well that one time there was a testimony meeting and they kept on passing the old guy and the guy just stood up and started saying his testimony, I remember that being a strong testimony and I don't even remember who it was. 
     Okay well we are working with people to get them baptized and we might have one for this Sunday or the next who knows? Really I have no clue. 
     Wow Christmas we're going to talk and I'm already ready! Then after that 6 months and I'm home! WOW ! Oh and well I bought 2 pairs of pants, they're kind of tight but yah oh well.
Oh yeah well my Thanksgiving was horrible it was just us eating some chicken, but on Saturday I ate turkey and wow it was so good! I can't lie. 
     So well my photos are me with a Christmas tree, and me eating a huarache, and man that thing was so good I'm not going to lie. So I love you guys! And well thanks for every thing. 
Love you,
Elder Cooper

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