Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking good..

Hey Everyone,
     well here's my letter so first I bought a new camera it was 1999 pesos and it's a Samsung st77 so you guys can look it up but I like it. Okay well this week we also saw some miracles truthfully we haven't seen the best of the best around here but we saw a miracle.These people that we only called once came to church and man she's a golden investigator, we have an appointment at 8 with her and I hope that she feels the spirit and everything.
Someone else had explained everything to her it was like awwww miracles and then well this week we had a meeting with someone who is in the quorum of the 70's  and man he just rebuked us for not working with the members I was like well I'm going to change that and I'm going to work with the member.
     well that was the week and well we have found a lot more miracles truthfully, I was just like wow man that's crazy and that sometimes people come up and contact me. Also well what else oh the primary program was yesterday and well it just made me think of when I was a kid and how dumb I was when I was a kid jaja but really it made me think how great my parents were to teach me the things I needed to learn and wow I'm so grateful that they taught it to me even if I was a stupid little brat and didn't want to listen but well somehow I got here on my mission. 
well that's what it made me think of jaja. 
     Wow I was so thankful when I read hey I'm fine and I was like yeah nothing happened to Mom. Wow I was praying the entire week for you Mom and I'm so glad that your fine I know God protected you and is helping you get back to normal and to be healthy. Also Mom tell Amado or give him my info like my email and stuff and to email me.
Also well I pray that everyone in my family will be fine and that nothing will happen to you guys and I pray that your all safe. So first my photos are of a tie of puppy jaja and then well me and then me with a hot dog of milky ways ahhhhh so good., and then us with a member who was supposed to be Moroni and then my new camera.
Love you guys 
Elder Cooper


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