Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Hey Everyone,
     Well I don't have a bunch of time but it's because I was reading everyone's letters so first I will say that I love you guys and your the best.
     I will say that wow my companion has got me a little down and honestly I was just praying and reading the scriptures and then we knocked a door off a reference that we got and it turned out to be the wrong place and we contacted her and she said sure come back and we were teaching her the plan of salvation and well she told us that she was rebuking God just 8 days before we came and believing that this world was just horrible and then she told us and then you guys show up at my door. Honestly it gave me so much hope and to know that our Heavenly Father answers everyone's prayers and she also came to church yeah it was awesome. Funny she was like saying goodbye and then she did that like goodbye kiss thing here jaja and my companion started freaking out jajaja.
     Then well honestly I learned that we need to talk to other people I'm not going to lie .
It's super hard sometimes for me to contact other people sometimes but honestly there was this lady on the subway and she was staring at me so when we got off I felt like I had to contact her and I got her info and I sent it off but honestly I felt great when I did it.
     Anyway well today we went to Centro and I bought 24 ties so I have like 100 ties jaja. 
It only cost like 600 pesos and that's like what 50 bucks? Come on now that's super cheap also I  found this place that has 3 floors that just sells like anime stuff and video games it was so sweet I'm not going to lie. 
Also I learned that the spanish scriptures aren't as good in English because words don't translate as well. We had this super cool talk on the Book of Mormon and how they are like the Mayans and yeah you can't pull that info out of the scriptures in spanish cause it's not the same. So true, so I think I might start reading in English again. 
     Also I have heard the Xbox one and ps4 came out and that a COD ghost and battlefield 4 came out and at first I can't lie I was sad like whhhhhhy and then I thought well yeah oh well if I'm meant to play that it will be when I get home from my mission and if not well I still got you guys and that's all I need. 
     Also I will say that I'm going to fast on the 12th and will end on the 13th for Mom's surgery and I know that everything will go fine because of the great faith I have in our Lord and Savior. 
Also well I will tell you guys I love you and I know you guys are the best. I'm so glad that Jen passed her exam yahhhhh.Also I wanted to wish Cynthia a Happy Birthday and hope you had a great birthday this year.
Also well I hope everyone is doing well. 
Love You 
Elder Cooper
P.S. Oh sorry I didn't explain my photos or anything so first is a photo of a girl and her shirt it's great and then that's like all the sweet bread in Mexico it's so good. Oh then there's us in centro if you can see those police have riot shields jaja crazy. Then we took a bunch of pics inside a catholic church jaja and wow there was a pamphlet that says 100 questions of the mormons. jajaja
Then a backpack that looks like chewbaca jaja only 10 bucks and then all my ties I have a lot wow I know!


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