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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone,
     Okay well this week the big things that happened were that well no one came to church and there were no baptisms but well we have our hopes up. I will say we did change our clocks back an hour and wow that was a sweet hour of sleep I tell you. Also well this week was the day of the dead so I will explain that. So the 31st is Halloween like always but it depends where you are at if people do anything but usually no they don't do anything. Then the 1st that's when all the kids and people dress up and stuff and go ask for candy like Halloween and then the 2nd that's when all the people go to the graves and put stuff on the graves and stuff like that. The people are supposed to come from their graves. During this whole thing they eat pan de muerto and it's just a sugary bread but well that's the dia de muertos. Well for Halloween no nothing really happened.
     So I will say I did have someone almost hit me with a car but that's because my companion doesn't know how to walk. Also well this lady told me to go to hell well I'll tell you guys how it went down. So first this old lady that has cancer just started yelling at me and asked who are you guys and I said who we are and she started saying rude things and that we can go to hell and then she started saying that my Mom can get sick so I just walked away because the spirit's not there and but yeah that lady was crazy is all I can say. 
      Anyways well i've been trying to learn well a lot of patience from my companion and well not to just get frustrated with him. It's honestly really hard I can't lie.Anyways I'm just gonna say i've honestly been trying to work harder. Well I will just end saying hey I love you all and that you guys are the best and that I always have love from you guys and the funnest moments to keep me going are from everyone in the family. So my pictures,  first is a new backpack that I got that I traded for 2 ties. 
So I love you and I hope for the best for everyone. Elder Stromberg said to put this on my blog, that I should say hello to the Stromberg family cause I know they read my blog sometimes. Then with Elder Ramirez one of my old companions. 
Then me in a street but look real close at that photo hope you find something good in it. Then one that says it's the hour to ask for candy of mickey and then 
me in the shops with a member and she stole my camera and we took a photo.
oh and the last one you guys have to convert that in Google translate, I love it its super sweet about teaching. 

Les Amo
Elder Cooper

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