Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so first I will say it's been a fun week and it's been well alright. Also this week we had some people come to church but it was alright because they always work and we don't see them a lot. Well this week if I can be truthful I really learned something on goals and well I've been thinking about my goals and my goals of  the mission and I was wondering why we have goals and I was really wondering about my mission and then I remembered something Mom would always tell me. You know how mom loved those seminary drives in the morning but I was always complaining about how terrible the day was going to be. Mom always told me that if I hope or look at the day as if it's going to be terrible then it's going to be terrible and if I hope it's going to be great then it's going to be great and honestly sometimes that helps me a lot here in the mission and I feel that's probably something I have learned, so thanks Mom.
      Well wow I'm glad it's been a good week for everyone and I'm glad Mom and Dad got a little taste of Mexico and some spanish . I love the people here, they're great.So one day we did exchanges and I got to work with Elder Stromberg who was my MTC companion so one day we worked together. He is my zone leader and we worked in one of the most dangerous areas but we were fine. 
Well also I got a packages I thought it was kind of weird cause it had a bunch of random church stuff but still thank you I loved it. 
Well I'm gonna include my photos now. 
So first is me eating steaks with A1 steak sauce, like a boss I know. 
Then its my Halloween sign . Then me eating a huarache which is like a long tortilla stuffed with beans and with meat on top its so good. Then this lady gave me a bear head with my name on it. Also I took a picture of a sticker which says don't get in the world of drugs because we are many and they are little jajaaj made me laugh.
So that's all I will say and I love you guys and you know it and thanks for everything. 
Love you 
Con Amor
Elder Cooper 

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