Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A day in the life...

Hey Everyone,
     So another week has passed and well this week wasn't so bad I guess I was just learning how important it is to study the scriptures and to have to the spirit and honestly I have started to love these things. I've been working with my companion and I honestly didn't care for the kid in the MTC and well he's not to bad but yeah oh well.
     So this week we were just passing by people and I only remember telling someone to have charity and sharing Moroni 7 and then sharing James 1 22- 24 with someone and well they were good.
I have learned that studying is something so important and that we need to learn and do good because the Lord commands it and that's how he answers our prayers sometimes. 
     Okay well what else oh we are trying to fix the washing machine in our house man I hope we can do it cause that will be sweet I'm not gonna lie. 
Well  I always feel that my emails are getting short but I dunno what to say.Anyways I bought some steaks and I bought A1 steak sauce and I'm gonna eat them yum yum and
also I bought a portable hard drive which was 1499 pesos which is like $113 dollars truthfully it was cheap. I hope you guys aren't mad but I felt that it would be a good idea. 
    Also I can't believe that I got into SUU wow that will be crazy to go there woahhahahhahaha.
honestly that's gonna be crazy .
Well I'm glad to have heard that you guys have had a great vaycay and are having fun. We didn't bring anyone to church this week but were trying to find new people. I'm honestly just trying to talk more and open up my mouth more and I know the lord will help me.
Well here's my photos so well my area is just pure apartments so that's always fun so everything looks alike and there's photos of my area and then some graffiti and then there's a plaque and yeah its funny cause here in Mexico everyone has like little things on there door that says were Catholics or Jehovah witness and yeah that one has Darth Vader jajajaja and then one that says not being a teenager is against science jajaja. 
and how much my portable hard drive was. 
so I will say I love you guys and you guys are the best 
love you guys and stay safe.
Les Amo
Elder Cooper

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