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Monday, October 14, 2013

New Area for me...

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so well I will just say i've been transferred and that was a fast 6 weeks that I had booo but I dunno I felt a little cheated out of my old area because it was so fast and such but yeah oh well. We didn't baptize anyone or anything but well at the least I might have helped someone.
Well anyway I'm in a new area and it's by one of my old areas and I'm in Culturas- Culturas and it's not bad it's got a Walmart and a nice little mall by it. So that's good. Well 
I will say that our old house in our old area was terrible because it was haunted and we had to move. I'm not going to tell you guys much about that but I've never had a house were I only slept 1 hour and yeah it was haunted 100 percent but we moved.
     Okay well my old ward I didn't baptize anyone but maybe I  helped people I mean one sister I felt like I might have been hard on her because we were talking and she just didn't want to accept baptism and I said sister look where do you want to go for eternity and well she didn't answer me but I felt that she was being a little ridiculous. Oh well. 
     So my new area doesn't seem to bad maybe a little dangerous but honestly it seems pretty nice if you ask me. My companion is a district leader. So what else can I really say. I'm ready to take a shower I haven't taken a shower for 3 days and wow I probably stink I know. 
Well know i'm in this other area but oh well i'm gonna work and all.
Well I will say I haven't really had a lot to say in this letter but i'm glad for everyone. Wow I can't believe people be going on their mission's and that Darcy be preggo. Well I pray Mom and Dad that the Lord will protect you on your trip and thanks all for the encouragement I truly need it and it always helps me keep going. Honestly I remember the story when PJ chucked that Rubik cube well now I got one. So I was playing with one and it started to break apart but it  this kid's and the kid started to walk by and started to yell your going to payyyyyy and yeah just reminded me of you PJ.
Well I love u guys and here's my photos 
Here's us moving  houses and then us with a member well and her mom but her is mom is not a member and then this member who makes the best hamburgers ever.
So I love you guys and take care and be safe. 
Les Amo
Elder Cooper


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