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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

15 Months Out !

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so first yes I have 15 months and now I only have 9 months and now i'm not in double digits but I will say that the time will go by really fast. So well this week I will say Grandma Cooper don't worry there is mold just cause it rains all the time in our house and well the rainy season just ended so yeah don't worry about that. Also were looking for another house because our house is not the best and its haunted. So I will say the other night we came in and I was feeling that something else was there. So I put this bottle of gel in the window so that no one could get in and well like 30 minutes later the bottle fell and it fell far in our bathroom so I know that was our ghost and my companion was laughing because when it fell I was screaming like a girl because it startled me so bad. We went to sleep that night at like 2 AM but man that was the worst I can say but well yeah. So well we had conference. Wow it was such a good conference I can say wow every talk was so good I'm going to have to listen to it again. I'm not going to say a talk applies to someone because well you know that talk will apply to you when you listen to it.
     Also well this week we had one person come to the church or we had someone come to conference but yeah I dunno if she really understood it. Well I'm not gonna lie I hope PJ is fin and that everyone is doing fine and dandy also well I'm fine I'm just tired man from this area because it's all hills but yeah and well I dunno what were going to do today but probably go cook some stuff and go eat that would be so good. 
Ummm well what else can I say for you guys well we have changes next week so when I email who knows were I'll be because well they could change me or I could be here but it's likely that me and my companion are going to stay because the new president wants us to work with members and I like that because I feel that people stay longer when they are all in the church and feel the spirit. 
So I mean next week we will see. I will say one of my favorite talks from conference was about getting back up from President Uchtdorf.
So I will continue to pray for you guys and that everything is fine. 
I love you guys with all my heart.
Elder Cooper
Also the photos is us doing service and I had a machete and then us as a zone so yeah. 

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