Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mexican Independence Day !

Hey Everyone,
     So this week hasn't been to exciting really but I will say what went down. Well first no one came to church and so no one was baptized.  They changed the rules now and people have to come to church 5 times and they have to be ready to be baptized and pretty much they have to want to be members but I think it's what the lord wants so that's fine with me.
      Well this week I will just say its been an alright week we just washed our clothes at the other elders house and yeah that always stinks because that wasted a bunch of time. Then this week what can I say really happened well
yesterday was independence day and we didn't do anything but Mexico is always crazy with that one because it's their day and they usually celebrate the 14th and the 15th but it's a huge party and such like our 4th of July but we did go to the activity and we had a couple investigators go and I think they liked it. Oh yeah usually on the 15th they make pozole because it's the big tradition but I like it so that's fine with me you know. 
     So also I bought a leather jacket and it was super cheap only 100 pesos so that's like 7 bucks and it fits me really good wow I was like heck yahahahahaha. 
So well what do I really have to say about this week well not to much to be honest.We are really just trying to find people and bring them to the church and well this is really important for God. 
     You guys are awesome and go to church and be cool people alright. Oh guess who I got an email from.............Elder Ferrera yah wow I was supprised but wow that's awesome that he emailed me I loved that guy. 
Anyway well i'll explain my photos so first is of a great view then there a photo with a shotgun now don't worry they were unarmed and they were a member's and we didn't shoot them we just took photos so don't go crazy Mom. 
I should probably explain that we helped an old lady make like a trench behind her house and that was like 2-3 hours wow and it killed me.You know us doing service is what we do but it gave me huge blisters on my hands ugh.
Then the ward party and then my new jacket yahhhh. 
So I love you guys and your awesome
Les Amo
Elder Cooper

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