Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Congratulations PJ

Hey Everyone,
     Well it's been another week and well first I will say i'm always just beat in this area honestly because it's all hills and such but I will say we did find some amazing people. Like we found Guadalupe and well she was chosen, we taught her about Joseph Smith and man the spirit was there but then yesterday she didn't come to church but yesterday we went over and talked with her.
Funny because one of her friends was there and well we talked with her and it was just a good way to build confidence. Yeah I was scratching my head and she told me just let them eat you. I was lost like what the dogs? She was talking about the lice but everyone in the room was dying laughing, 
Then well another person he called to me on the street and when I went to go take a break and were teaching him and we will see where that goes. I will say this area is just hills and its tiring,I dunno i'm always tired and my companion man he scales them like a monster but well i'm doing my best and I know the Lord will bless me. 
     Well this week we had our interviews with President he said that I think the people you knew in Utah are his uncle or aunt.That shows just how great preach my gospel is truthfully I was like oh how great but I never liked that book to be truthful. Now I love it. It's essential to a missionary.
Okay well also we went to central today and I bought 26 ties and they were 650 pesos so they came out to be about 50 bucks in dollars and now for me that's pretty gosh darn cheap. They aren't to bad and I bought a watch but just a cheap one like 160 pesos that's like 14 bucks but it's not to bad. 
So really I can't think to much about what's been going on but it's beautiful here and I love it. I might be dying here but here is where I can feel the Lord guiding us even more.
     Well PJ felecidades ! Sorry i'm not there but you know where i'm at. 
Also well I hope that everyone is fine and that you all know that I love you
Also just a little joke so what did the shoe say to the other shoe................ I need you ! jajaja I think it's better in Spanish .
Anyway I love you all and here's my photos so first it's me and well lots of the nice hills and then the city at night wow it's so beautiful and then there's us at the place chinos for ties super cheap and then us in Zocalo which is like a super tourist place so well yeah
so these are my photos.
I love you guys
Con Amor,
Elder Cooper

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