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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie

Hey Everyone,
     So yeah this area is like being in the forest it's awesome but wow!  First I will say some stuff and then comment on what you guys said.So first it's beautiful here but it's all hills and it's like wow with all the trees here. Well we brought one person to church I mean he did go to the other ward but yeah that doesn't matter for now and then he did ask me something pretty funny. So he asked me 3 times like what animals would I be so name 3 animals. I chose first a lion,then a bear, then a wolf. So the first one is what you want people to see you as then the 2nd is what people actually see you as and the 3rd is what you actually are lol I think it's cool.Anyways he's a nice guy.
So it's been a good week so this area is really interesting.It's just a regular town but it's so beautiful and I already love it here. This week hasn't been to bad but man I've been dying on the hills here ,wow it's crazy here honestly
     So in this area the members are nice and they help us out and well one person went to church and yeah that's about it. Today we went to Costco and I bought some socks and some Nutella yahhhh and my medicine.Oh yeah I lost my card from the church ugh takes like 3 weeks to get here because I must have left it in the machine and well I went back to find it and it wasn't there. So I won't get my money from the church right now boo but oh well. So well I will say right now that I'm happy here but it rains all the time and I mean like every day. Man I've never used every pair of shoes I have in the same week ugh.
     Okay so I will pray for Ivonne and her family. Just tell her it doesn't matter how many people pray but just the quality of their faith. So well that's cool if people are reading my blog lol , I hope it helps someone and jajaja the cans yep I  probably got max like 3 walls because I just liked to throw everything in but yeah whatever worked jaja,
      In our ward we have 4 missionaries and we are all elders and yeah it's fun but sometimes not because the other elders can be difficult to work with. Well the other printer worked just fine but fine thanks for buying a new printer for me !  Also Happy Birthday to Katie. The weather here is freezing, it's just like horrid in the morning lol.  Okay so i'm going to include my photo's yeah.
     So first is from our house and it's like yeah and the 2nd is of the part where we crossed a river and  it was a nice little survivor man trip. Then we made cookie dough but then we tried to fry it and that didn't work so well so we just ate cookie dough.Wow it was so good yum yum. Then we went through this tunnel and we went into the woods it was super fun but look at that tunnel there was 0 light but wow ghost adventures and if you look in one photo there's steam like ghosts and there was no steam and a lot of orbs jajaja just reminds me of ghost adventures.
So these are my photos. So I love you guys and you guys are awesome
Stay awesome 
Love  you,
Elder Cooper

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