Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Hey Everyone,
    Okay so this week i've been transferred and that's sad.So first I will just say that I really liked the other members in the ward and that they were really nice and helped me get through though times with my companion. I will just say that was a test of my faith and that we didn't bring to many people to the gospel and we did not baptize anyone at all. Well it just seems like I could see the pride cycle of the nephites and well that's so true and well pride sucks and is terrible. Now i've been transferred to El Miradador and it's beautiful out here and honestly it's like a small town and it's just straight beautiful but it's super hilly and I know i'm going to die. My companion is from Arizona and his name is Elder Slade.
    Okay so what happened this week was we married someone so that's why I took 100 dollars out so I married them but I only paid about 30 bucks and I won't even be able to see them be baptized or anything but that sucks doesn't it and well I know God will bless them and will bless me also for my efforts.
     So i'm glad that everyone has had a nice day off and their all having fun in the pool. Jen i'm glad that you got those bracelets and i'm glad you enjoyed them. Yeah well you can learn anything from Google that's the easy part and well maybe you will be able to learn some stuff about computers.
i'm also glad that Charlie is doing better and that well your feeling better Mom and I dunno the internet place always just depends where we are.
     Well i'm going to start ending my letter but I will just say you can all see the great blessings and I know everyone will do the things the Lord wants us to do. Sorry I don't have to many stories in this letter but honestly this week was really
 hard. Also well I will say my new area is in the middle of no where and well I like that it's a hill city so that's gonna suck.
     Okay well i'm going to include some photos. First is a photo saying that we want you to sleep.  Then the city and then there is a zone photo, then this street that just drops straight off into a river jaja !  Then a picture with my convert. Next was a nice family that was in the ward and then another family that was in the ward that really helped me. Oh and the last one is of a kid who needs to get baptized but didn't and then my shoes.
So I love you guys and you are awesome
Love yo,
Elder Cooper

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