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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Not such a great week....

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so first I will go into my week and then your week sounds good? lets go!
So first I was sick this whole gosh darn week and i'm going to say I dunno what from. First I ate some Chinese food and then we came back and planed for the night and this was Monday and  I got a prompting from the spirit like hey you should ask your companion for a blessing. So I asked him. That night I threw up twice. Then I just felt really tired and my leaders were calling me and I had to get up and go to the meeting and honestly they came over the next day and made me get out of bed and work and I was walking
like a snail . Until yesterday I was just drinking Gatorade and maybe some crackers. Only yesterday I started eating something with meat and normal stuff but yeah now I feel a lot better and wow it was just a week of pain I guess. 
     Well I will say we did find a family, a great family. They had been to church in Cancun and knew everything and they wanted to get baptized but the only thing is they need to get married and one of our new rules is that we can't pay for the marriage or I would do it so quick. That Family is  awesome and then this investigator came to church named Thomas and it was great , he came by himself and stayed the three hours but the only thing is that he needs to get married or separated him from his wife. So we will see on that. 
     Well that's all that pretty much happened I guess. Well it wasn't the best week in the world but at least the members were nice and this member named Olga the one that  I took a photo with that's in a blue shirt made me pasole without chile so I could eat it jaja ! Wow it was really good. I cannot lie. 
Okay so first of all I will say that my first photo is one with a members old sewing table which is awesome and then the other was of Olga who is an awesome member and has helped us out alot and yah shes just awesome. yah thats all my photos cause the half of the time I was sick remeber.
Well so Charlie was sick boooo, he was just like me. I hope he does get better, if not just buy another one and lie to me like the King of Queens,I hope everyone gets that reference. I know charlie will get better because I still have to see him. 
Then WHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT is going on ??? Is it the time to buy new cars when i'm not there or what ! That's fine and all. Well I hope you guys enjoy them. Well they look nice and all, it  does look like a small car and you know that's what Dad likes. 
Yeah oh well. 
Okay so Jen I wish you luck in your classes and to Eric also. Well I hope that all goes well and well I hope your bracelets get there and if not tell me because i'll buy some other stuff and send it to you. You should receive something for your birthday at least. 
Well i'll end up my letter there saying I love you guys and well I hope everything goes well.
Les Amo 
Elder Cooper. 

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