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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Jen

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so a guy just came up to me and sold me a multi 8 in one screw driver for 55 pesos wow that's pretty cheap, I cant lie and he wanted 90 pesos no way. So this week still no baptisms and i'm pretty sure it's just because me and my companion aren't working together and well it's just a love hate relation ship without love jaja.
      Then well what happened oh I ate pancita this week please google pancita and you will know my pain so what it is is cow stomach and wow it's terrible and I hate it. Honestly it just tastes like fat and your eating ugh tell me, just google it and you will understand my disgust..
      Okay also this week we were in a trio with the district leader because his companion went to Argentina and it was really hard because we had to work in both the areas and well it just sucked because I mean it's like one more person. Well truthfully it was a crappy week  and we didn't bring anyone to church but we found new people but we just got to get them to church.
      Oh we were walking by some guy and he keep calling me Oscar and I said like hey what and he said your names not Oscar ? and I said well no and he said well you look like my friend named Oscar and I said well how about we pass by your house and we talk or share the gospel jaja.
  Yeah so I got the package you guys sent me and I loved it, I got it because we had a zone conference and then I got to grab it. Thank you guys for all the stuff,the books, the candy, the letters, the pens, all of it it was awesome and much needed.
     Yeah so change will happen in about two weeks or about the 2nd so I will be leaving cause we have 0 baptisms and they will probably change this area because we haven't had a lot of success in this change with my companion . Well yeah I don't know it's just been a crappy week I mean were working but yeah nothing has come out of it as of now and well were going to go to the mall and to try to buy some pants and well if theres anything I left out sorry but I gotta go.
      So I will say I love your photos Jen and i'm glad you had a great birthday and well i'm glad you had a good trip. Oh and I just got letters because I went to the offices and I got some from like 2 weeks ago and I got one from Grandma Cooper yahhh. So I will say I love you guys and always do the best things and well always love one another.
     So now my photos .So first is with yogurt land yahahahahah then a bunch of the city and then with my old companion Elder Sanchez who still hasn't gone to Argentina but I can't lie, I love that kid. Then some more city and just some luchadors in the street and they just like put it in the street and were just fighting jajaja.Oh then this huge line of buses that had or were celebrating some fesivial of the virgin or the town of santa fe. Then there's more city , and trash and then me in a hamic and then me and Elder Sanchez who I just saw this morning.
So I love you guys and always be awesome
Elder Cooper

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