Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Eric

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so it's been another week and well I can't lie this week hasn't been bad or anything but hasn't been to great or anything.So first i'll just say we did not have a baptism boooo.So I will say that one of our investigators did come to church on his own which was awesome and he has a lot of idea's but we will see if he gets baptized cause all he said was just to give him some time but we are going to talk to him and see about that.
     Then i've had to talk with my companion I dunno why but he has an attitude with people like the members and it's like woah calm down that stuff doesn't work here. Like i'm gonna be friends with everyone.
     Okay so well what has happened this week, so first we just played soccer so that was fun.
Then well we did some interchanges this week which was fun and not to bad
Funny yesterday we were just walking and some lady started yelling at us like hey take these and threw us some garbage bags to cover ourselves so well who knows. Then when I was walking I said buenas tardes when it was night and then this guy yells buenas noches and throws this bag of food at me and it goes just over my shoulder and lands on the ground yeah. didn't touch me. 
     Well so this week not to many things have been happening but I have to say that well it's been alright and that well what else has even happened. So well we ate like this whole week in the street as none of the sisters where there and they gave us money. So we just went shopping and were about to go to the mall. So I will say one thing is that is has started raining here and it sucks cause during the day it looks sunny then later it just starts pouring and your like man i'm done. 
     Well I will say I have been learning a lot more about Jesus as i've been reading the new testament and it's just interesting to learn and see how the life of Jesus was. 
So I will say Jen your trip looks super fun and I wish I was there having fun but i'm here so yeah oh well and I loved all the photos that you guys sent me they are awesome. 
     Okay then on to my photos so first is some cool graffiti. Then there is some of our area which just looks like hills which it is then some millions of stairs and then well then its just part of our area that goes down and then ends in some forest area. So yeah that's pretty cool and me eating some corn jajaja I was like you know who would really enjoy this right now? Juan . Then me with my goku shirt which is just awesome, I know. I got it for 50 pesos and that's like $ 4. 
So I will say I love you guys and I know you guys are the best and no I didn't get any letters and Jen I dunno if pouch ever left from this part so I mean who knows when it will get there.Well got to go.
love you guys
Elder Cooper

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