Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings from Mexico City ..

Hey Everyone,
     So it's been another week hasn't it and well it has been an alright week. So let's see first we didn't baptize anyone this week boo,I know but then we did bring someone to church well actually she got there on her own so I would call her a good investigator. She was kind of being a punk when she was like yeah don't come by i'll come again on Sunday. I WAS THINKING LIKE THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS HERE LADY WE PASS BY AND YOU GET BAPTIZED OKAY jaja. Then we did interchanges so I went with a different companion and it was pretty funny I was walking along and I was walking with my swag and then some guy on the 3rd floor of a building just says yeah eso es todo like yeah this is the man I was like thanks and I wanted to get out of there jaja but it was pretty funny I cant lie.
     Then what else really happened this week that's pretty funny. Okay so my companion was sick this week. It was pretty gosh darn funny because here in Mexico you always eat like 3 course meals so you will eat like first a soup or pasta and then you will eat like meat or something and then you eat your desert and it's usually always like that.It's like 3 parts usually but it's not always good. So anyway he eats like the first part and yeah that's it and says he doesn't feel so good then we leave and go knock on this door and he tells me" well my question is if i'm going to throw up or ."and then he turns around and throws  up in the street and a lot and then a family we were teaching comes out and is like looking at him and i'm just waving at them and I should have taken a pic but yeah he was sick and I had to give him a blessing and well now he's better but this was Saturday night so just think of that. 
     So I started buying fruit because its a lot cheaper and I like fruit and it's always a good snack just to fill you right up. Well what else can I say that might be funny and people might love. 
Oh you know how I was saying we eat nopales well those are the inner part of the cactus so yeah google it but we also eat the atun or tuna but it's really good I can't lie, even with a bunch of seeds and stuff. 
     Well i'm a little sick right now I have a sore throat and that's fine because if you guys didn't know Mexico loves halls and they treat them like candy so I can buy them at whatever store how awesome is that but yeah they treat them like candy and well that's cool but they still do the same stuff as halls.
Oh so I didn't have a chance to send anything and pouch is kind of broken in our mission because the new mission president fired the pouch guy or the guy who delivers pouch so pouch doesn't move. I sent something to Jen but who knows if it will get there and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD,JEN, AND ERIC. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
     So i'm trying to think of any other cool stories this week that we had, but no I can't think of anything else.So I will just say first of all that well this week was kind of hard cause my companion is a debbie downer but I will say that I love you guys and that you guys are the best and I love you and I always remember the good times that we had.  
     Well my photos so first is this beautiful view of the de effe and then the little lamb jaja and then this super contaminated river that we have in our area and it's at the edge blah blah .
Then I got this nice ghetto art that's pretty nice I can't lie. Then there's some pictures of the city and then there's a picture of a pen that some member gave me which is just like a feather so I feel like i'm one of those people who has to dip it in ink and keep writing you know what i'm talking about jaja but its from his rooster that he had so tha'ts pretty cool I have to admit. 
Well I love you guys and your always with me.
Les Amo
Elder Cooper 

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