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Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Month Down ...

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so it's a new week but sorry for my last letter it was really short. So this week we didn't have a baptism but we did bring or some ex- missionary brought investigators to church and it was awesome because she really reminds me of Jen and she gave us snacks and like wants to work with us it's really awesome I can't lie.
     So what happened this week ?  Well we found a lot of people and I found out my companion is  working with Ken, you remember Ken from Fresno. I dunno my companion ,he's not bad but it's just like some times he just kills me and thinks that he's always right and well on a good note he's the first companion i've found that knows of The Aquabats jaja.
      Well this week was pretty good we found a lot of people. Oh we found this lady yesterday and she said to us who sent you and we new some lady down the street so we said her then she just let us in and we talked and well we will see if she takes a baptism but it was funny she was just like come on in it's not important jajaja.  So we found some other lady but people here crazy man they really just defend their catholic religion and I don't really understand why even if they weren't brought up in it or anything but I just find it weird .
     Oh and Jen i'm going to send some bracelets for your birthday today so it will probably get there late so sorry. Oh and the shirts were because we were the zone that baptized the most so the zone leaders wanted to make shirts and yeah we baptized as a zone  a total of 51 people I think ,wow that's cool isn't it.? Okay so my week, well we ate out a lot . Whats been cool this week is we have had a lot of refrencias like people give us names and we go check them out and it's way easer to find people like that because the people actually want it then and well some people didn't want to hear it. One guy we went in and taught him and everything but yet he didn't want much really. Well this week i've really just been trying to read the scriptures more because I feel that's when I receive more revelation and well I can find the things that God wants me to find.
     Well one thing that was pretty funny is that I bought a ice cream cone. Chocolate chunk to be precise and then on our way to the bus I completely fell and my cone or ice cream just went all over me and my tie and yeah I scraped my knee and elbow but it sucked because I was eating an awesome ice cream cone,man I was so mad you guys don't even know I looked like one of those little kids that sits on the floor crying it sucks and it was sad I really hated it.
      Well what else umm well my companion is getting up to leave so i'm pretty sure that i'm going to have to start ending this letter because he's pretty impatient. So I can say that this week will be a better week and I just want to say always pray and do the things that the Lord wants us to do.
     Okay well I shall end my letter but I hope it was a whole lot more interesting this week and ohhh side note we have hot water and we can shower with it it's awesome I can't lie and I mean it comes out like a weak stream but it's hot water and I could care less it's the best in the world.
So I will say I love you guys more than anything and always do the best. Oh and my photos so the first is just of like our hilly area and it looks like Brazil huh and then after that it's pictures of our one room house then of the tiagies and then there are like flee markets just in the street jajaj how awesome
      Also hey look where i'm eating yogurt at and well it was 89 pesos and divide that by 13 and you have how much it was in dollars and it was super good they had mango and fresa and graham  crackers and something else but it was really good. I love u guys lots and yeah that's my photos.
 I love you
Les Amo
Elder Cooper

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