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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another day, another baptism

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so another week. So first well we did  have a baptism last week on Monday yeah. Well first I will say that it was a baptism that took forever and the guy wanted people to be there so we had to invite some members from the ward that he liked or he thought were hot and then his friend baptized him. Well we baptized him and he laughed in the baptismal font which was terrible, well at least he got baptized.
      Then what else? Oh I just got my companion changed,he's from Utah and his name is Elder Taylor and he's really okay but at least he talks to me like he's normal and all. Oh and he has the same time in the field as me and every thing so that's good because I like that at least.
      So this week we worked and searched but we didn't find to many people. I searched with Elder Slade for people and wow we sure did find them.We found a lady with half her brain but still she didn't want anything and we also found some other lady who was sick but she didn't want anything either but well thats not our problem. Okay so i'm still in the same area.
jaja Mom yes it sure is good to know Spanish huh. What else umm wow this letter is super short but what else can I really say I dunno.
      Okay so what else do I really say in this semana because I really don't know. So Jen I will try to look for something for you and send it but I dunno  and well what else can I say.
      So first is a photo so you can see what i'm taking on every day, it's terrible I know. Then with me and my companion and shirts that we had made for the zone and then with pazole and well yeah. So that's about all I have to say nothing really ground breaking happened this week.Well I can say i'm fine and well todays a great day, at least it looks like a great one. Wow well my letter is really short this week but well i'm glad I got to read your letters and thank you for sending them and thanks for everything
Les Amo,
Elder Cooper

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