Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love One Another...

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so this week what can I say well first off we did not have a baptism but I will say were going to have a baptism tomorrow so yeah that's all good no? What do I  say in this letter well first I will say that this week we were just working. Also I will say that we are really just trying to get people to be baptized and I really just want  members to listen because I dunno who told them but some
members  tell me no don't approach them or other's say something like they will come in there own time. That's what I hate. It's like if these people don't accept it they probably 
never will accept it in this life or the next and I hate when members want to take their sweet time when these people should be baptized now or as fast as possible.That was just a little rant.
     Anyway I will get onto the better stuff, so I will just say Mom the thing that I always remember or think is that when I was little you used to sing love one another to me, and that's probably why it's one of my favorite songs.The thought is that as we love one another the people can see from our example that 
we are trying to show love and through our example people can change. Like Nephi who even though his family sometimes doubted and usually his brothers always doubted but he never doubted and through his example they made it to the promised land. 
     Well i'm just saying that your example is what helps people sometimes. 
I don't really have much to say this week really because I dunno I mean were going to go play football but I dunno. I'm glad that there's birthday's coming up that I won't be there for and well Happy Birthday Brandon and Happy Birthday Marc.
     Well i'm going to put my photos .Okay so first is me eating some really expensive candy like 100 pesos for the grams so like 7 bucks for 6 candies yeah and then there's me on a sufida. Then there's a bunch of pictures of this hill that's really green then there's photos of my area .
well I don't really know what to put today I dunno I feel that my letter is really short for some reason but I don't really know what to say.  
     Okay well I believe i'm just going to throw some random info in my letters so it's not so short so what haven't I told you.
Oh well I think i've eaten the hottest chills here so i've eaten the habanero which my companion cried when he ate it and then I ate the manzano which is really spicy and well I ate them but wow I mean wow .
     Then what else can I say that you guys probably don't know or so yeah there's buses that take you take about anywhere so you can get on a bus and there called camions and there like 5 or 6 pesos and there usually about the craziest thing ever because there's like a million on

them so there always racing and stuff and there always jam packed like if you put 50 people on a bus and yeah were out of here. 
     Well I dunno what else can I really say I don't have anything super specific to say the least and well i'm just telling you stuff from Mexico. I'm going to end there and just say I love you guys.
Well i'm going to end like that so I love you guys. 
Les Amo
Elder Cooper.

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