Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Hey Everyone,
     Well it's been a year ,wow how great no? okay well first I will just talk about  my week. Well the 4th of july is nothing here because there all Mexican here. Well we had a baptism and then we confirmed him (it's because when someone gets baptized they have to wait a week to get baptized or if they haven't been to church enough) okay but man this guy was awesome because first he was like no i'm not going to be baptized and we said well ask your wife who is member and she said yeah get baptized and then he was like I dunno but he was really nervous, he was the first person i've ever seen before the baptismal service kneel and pray and then pray again in the baptism font wow it was pretty cool I guess you can say.
      That's about all really for this week and the new president is pretty cool i'm not going to lie and well his Spánish isn't too good but he's really nice and yes he's from St. George and well he wants to get out there and do the work. 
Okay well  we just had a interview and he didn't have to much time so we did it really quick but he's really nice. 
Okay well were going to the mall today just because I want to walk around and look at stuff, I really don't think i'm going to buy anything but I do want to walk around and look. It's fun to go there they have really nice stores like coach and stuff like that. 
What else can I really say,well like I said the 4th of July doesn't exist here because thats an American holiday and that's fun I can't lie I did miss the usual day of fun, wow and everyone is just getting married or what well thats good .  
Hey there is a yogurt land in the mall or there's a Ben and Jerry's in the mall. Wow that would be cool lol. I dunno about any volcano so I have no idea and the area is the same, 
yep i'm more than half way done with the mission but that's oh well you know. 
and well what else? well i'll put in my photos. so first is of me bathing a dog which I bathed because my companion doesn't know how to handle a dog , I believe his house is nice so they never had a dog.Then after that is the baptism of Fernando. 
okay and the other photos are by the mall which we went to just to eat. Man look it's super nice in that area and that's part of our area how great is that.
Well i'll just say I love you guys and thank you for all the great support you guys give me thank  you. 
Con Amor 
Elder Cooper.

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