Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey Everyone,
     Okay so a year has almost gone by. Well first off I will just say well I will have a year the 5th and well oh well the time does go a little fast I guess . Well we had 3 baptisms and i'm sorry to say but that's pretty much all the photos I have for this week. So one was Vanessa which she has some problems but then she came to us and said I want to be baptized and then the other 2 kids, well they weren't that bad but the little girl had problems with the water and I was just yelling at my companion dunk her dunk her. He honestly didn't know what to do so someone else had to get in the font and help her be baptized but at least she got baptized. Then well what else really happened?  nothing else really.
      Well I talked with this guy named Fernando and his daughter Fernanda and they came to church and we're going to work with them to get baptized but man they talk a lot and they always start talking about random things. So were talking about faith and then they are talking about the resurrection or something like that but I know they're gonna be baptized. We have this other person that were gonna baptize on Thursday but I think he's not going to tell his parents but he's been to church like 3 times but oh well it's better that he gets baptized. 
So we have 3 more weeks in this change and I dont really know what else to say. 
     Well that's good that the missionaries came over for dinner. That's nice that they shared a message with you guys. Oh Bryce returned how cute, well yeah i'm still here. Oh the 4th of July, at least I will only miss one because remember 2 weeks so I will end early so remember that and yeah I remember that trip last year . A nice relaxing vacation sounds good right now but I got one year to go so oh well. To answer everyone's question as to why we cut ties lies last week well we cut our ties so president can remember us.
Yeah well Jen just save me your laptop and it's all good and then well i'm really out of words to say and well what else can I say . 
Well I love you guys and I haven't gotten any mail but we will get it tomorrow so I love you guys 
and take care
Les Amo
Elder Cooper


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