Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Hey Everyone,
     Okay well primero I will talk about my area as it's not to bad. On the GOSH darn hills again! It's like one part flat, but then if you put your arm out flat and then put water on it, it was cascading down from the sides of your arm that's pretty much my area. Ughhhhh but anyway I will just say my companion is Elder Salazar. Sometimes he kills me because he wants to do stuff like a robot, but whatever, you know me. He has 7 months in the field. I would say my area is not in the best neighborhood, but don't worry about that. There's only some parts that we can't go to at night, but don't worry Mom, we will be fine!  I fell once already, which was terrible.
     Oh it rained here like 2 days in a row. Two days of straight thunder and rain. It poured, and we got soaked, and we had to cross a  river which was the street! It had made it terrible,  but oh well, as my shoes got soaked. It only took about 2 days for them to dry out, but I'm glad I had those boots from the missionary mall.
     Well what else oh, so one day I went to sleep and I woke up and my companion told me that there had been a earthquake. I slept through it like a baby.  I didn't do anything, so nothing happened, and no nothing fell down, and everything is fine here.
      Okay the fun part, on Sunday we confirmed one person and I confirmed her. (it was my first time doing a confirmation which I was a little scared about, but whatever, I did it!) Then the Bishop made me give a little testimony. Well it was like ten minutes. Then we brought one person to church and ugh, one person we meet at the corner and  she started fighting with us saying, "no I'm christian and I don't go to this church", and I didn't like it. I said, "look if you want to go to heaven then get over here and be baptized". But then she just started giving excuses, and well we have to say goodbye to those types of people. 
     Well then we had a problem because we were going to baptize someone. So we couldn't fill the font because we had no way to plug the drain so we left and then came back, and the thing was on the drain so we could start filling the baptism font. Then we had a baptism at 8 at night. She got baptized, her name is Guadalupe, and it was really good. 
Okay well that's about all I have to say for the week.
Dad, Happy Fathers Day! Sorry I can't say that in person but I'm sure you get what I'm saying. 
Here they celebrate it but I'm not sure they celebrated it yesterday. And it's the same in the USA right? A cruise would be awesome after the mission but I also want to return to where I served my mission. That would be really nice, but a cruise would but fun coming to Cabo and such.
     Okay yah well what else do I say? Well I'm really tired and that I'm gonna try to buy some new shoes. Here they have an area that's really nice. I mean it's the biggest mall in the De Effe or in Mexico I believe. But it's really nice and I'm gonna go searching for some shoes. 
     Hey so your telling me that you guys didn't read my letters? jaja, thats a joke!  What that candy I sent home  is so good? I love it! If you don't like it, well at least try it. Dad,I hope you like the ties I sent because I liked them. The next package will be all for you guys.
    Okay,  so first here are my photos, which are good so you can see where we were. In the 1st photo it's like in the middle, and the whole middle and to the left is our area, and the hill is our great area how terrible is that huh?
Then my companion is on the roof checking how things are going. Then our baptism.
     Okay well I will just say I'm working hard to find the people, and we will keep working hard to find them!
     Well I love everyone and hope all goes well.

Les Amo,

Elder Cooper

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