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Monday, June 10, 2013

Another week down..

Hey Everyone,
     Okay well first this week was really fun i'm not going to lie and we had some though times but we brought 4 people to church and yeah they will eventually get baptized. So yes i've been transferred to Tacubaya in the area of Napoles so I hear it's kind of dangerous here but my companion says no it's not it's fine. My new companion is named Elder Zalazar and he is from Guatamala.Yeah he's pretty nice, or so far anyways but our area seems a little hilly so i'm going to die so booo to that.
     Well I can just say i'm going to miss the people in my other ward because they were really nice. Elia and her husband were talking and I was saying goodbye and it was so hard not to cry with them because she said such good things ughh. Well to put it in context she has lost 3 kids while she was pregnant and she said when I have a kid I hope that he's just like you and I don't know your mom but I want to to tell her congrats  for having a kid like you, also that when I have a kid I can't wait till I can talk about how mini Cooper baptized your dad and how great he was. I was like wow please stop or I won't be able to stop crying and she also told me that they know that were trying to find as many people as possible but since I have baptized her husband my mission is complete. 
It was hard for me to leave that house I cant lie. 
Then later I went Andrea's house and they gave me a pillow and a tie but they are really nice and i'm gonna miss them. Oh well that's pretty much what has happened this week . 
well what else do I say. 
Wow that raccoon looks terrible, you should kill that thing. Eric's garden is really big. Well the temple is always a good place.
Oh I almost forgot that I gave a talk yesterday it was on the scripture doctrine and covenants 16: 6 and it was on what's the best value for you and it was really good but the bishop said that I only had 5 mins so I tried to cut it down so I  have no clue how it turned out but I think it was okay but I just cut it down really fast. 
Okay I don't really have much else to say but i'll explain my photos.
Well the first pictures are of our zone in Camarones.  Later there is a picture of Andrea sleeping jajaja that was really funny. Then there is one of my companion eating crickets ugh how terrible I didn't try them because they look terrible. Oh there's also a photo of us eating gorditas. Then there's my companion using my shirt as a blanket. 
Then the investigator who we brought to church . There is also a picture with the bishopric and then with tersea and well that family is really funny. Then photos with Elia and the Tio and
then pazole yum yum and a photo of Andrea and her family ahhhh. 
well I will just end there by saying I love everyone and  keep working hard and always remember the Lord. Also i'm reading Jesus is the Chirst and man that's a good book I can't lie. 
Well I will end here by saying I love you guys and stay good okay. 
Les Amo,
Elder Cooper

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