Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

11 months already

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so i'll just start with some news, so we had a baptism jajaja, she's awesome because we didn't think she was going to be baptized and then she did it. It was awesome because she said that when we went to see her it was like God sent us because usually she doesn't want anything and shuts the door in everyone's face and that when we went to see her it was at night and that she felt different. She's really funny and we baptized her. She's funny because she said i'm going to show up at 2 and my baptism will be at 3 and we were waiting for a long time and then at 2 I was like she's going to show up as soon as I do this whistle and as soon as I did that she was like wait i'm on my way and she had been knocking on the gate for a long time and she was going to leave a note jajaj but my companion baptized here and were all good there.
     Well I sent a package it just has 4 pairs of pants that I don't want and I sent all my letters that I had which I loved but were taking up a lot of space, and  2 ties which are for Dad and their from Mexico and I love them. I also sent some candy, some Pelon Ricos which are like chily candy so I dunno but there really good so we will see if you guys like it and a bracelet of apostasy jaja.The next package I send will be all for you guys okay? They said it will get there in about a week so we will see. 
Okay so this week was alright but we were just kind of looking for people to teach but we did find some people who were ready to get baptized but at the last minute they changed their minds. 
     So we found Andres who smoked so we set goals for him to quit and we will see how that goes but the last I heard is he was still having word of wisdom problems.  So one thing I have to say really fast is Daft Punk is huge again here because I was in my bed and someone started playing one more time ahhhh I was like my fav song and well it was a good time you know ! Right now there playing Daft Punk but if only they would play the new CD but I heard Daft Punk's song get lucky is number 3 on the chart, well I actually saw that at the bank. I will wait a year to enjoy it. 
 Also funny some lady said her family owns property over there in Anaheim and it is a mansion and I dunno it was just really crazy. This lady was calling us angels and handsome but it was some older lady so it was really funny. 
     Well remember to follow Christ's example and be an example to others.This should be my last week here before I leave and we will see, I could go to the other mission or to another part so who knows we will see.  Maybe I could get a greenie companion jajaja. Well what else can I say I mean oh I will be giving a talk on Sunday but I don't really know what it is on so we will see about that and what else well really I dont know. 
     Well we have like 3 baptisms that are possibilities but we will see what happens you know. 
Well what else can I say I mean i'm a little tired but i'm fine im going to leave this area I think and maybe go to the other mission but I mean it's where ever God wants to send me.
Also interesting fact I learned is that I can see my first area from here and that my area was like 5 mins from the high school from the church and I was on the hill that had the B on it but I was on the other side how sad you know. 
Well what else do I say but I love you guys and send me any questions you have, I don't really have to much to say because well stuff happened but I can't really remember.
Well it's been great and i'm just gonna say I almost have a year and well it's been a great year here in Mexico. Well I love everyone and I'll explain my photos. 
Okay so the first is of a lady who gave me a jersey of Toluca  for free oh yeah and then there is us in my first area Tenayo. Then is us with our newest convert. 
Well yeah that's our photos so I will just say real quick I love all you guys so much and I wish you guys the best and that you always follow Christ.
I love you guys and well Les Amo,
Elder Cooper

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